Pastor Alan & heather robertson

Alan is an avid reader and self-diagnosed pop-culture nerd. He laughs at his own jokes in the middle of sermons and spends half the time wondering who caught his obscure pop culture references. But most importantly he is a lover of people with a desire to see the members of LifePoint growing in and sharing their faith. 

Heather is compassionate and caring. Along with all the duties of motherhood and assisting her husband. She leads the First Impressions Team and Children’s Ministry. She can’t stand silence and feels compelled to fill it with awkward conversation. 

Their two sons, Whitman and Harrison, are the center of their world.

Pastor Alan's work with LifePoint began in 2008 as Student Pastor. In 2010, He married Heather and they continued to serve in that capacity. After briefly moving to Memphis, TN they returned in 2014 to serve in the role of Associate Pastor. In 2015 Alan transitioned into the role of Lead Pastor.