Pastor Alan & Heather Robertson have been invited to go on a missions trip to Klerksdorp, South Africa with Rev. Tim Greene. We are asking you to prayerfully consider partnering with us financially for this trip.


On May 7, we will be departing on a mission trip to Klerksdorp, South Africa for 10 days. We will have a 3-4 day revival at Light and Life Community Church in Klerksdorp including a dedication of the church building. The Pastor is former South Africa superintendent, Jan Smith. We will be holding services to bring unity, focused prayer, healing, and hope to the community. They need the hope that only God can bring!

The trip is being funded solely through donations. We are excited about this opportunity to serve and to minister, and we ask you to join us in ministry. We are seeking your support and prayers for this mission trip. If you are able to assist with this trip financially, you may give online through the “Donate Now” button, or by clicking “Giving” at the top of the page. Make sure to designate your donation with a note “Robertson South Africa.” (An accounting of all funds will be available, should you desire to see it, upon our return from South Africa.)

The cost of the trip is $4,300 per person. In total, $8,600 is needed to be raised by April 1, 2019. Any amount would be greatly appreciated and would help us to reach our goal! Please prayerfully consider how you would be willing to support us during this trip. All donations are tax deductible. It’s not just about money, it is about prayer support as well. This is absolutely necessary! Any trip that has a spiritual component will have spiritual opposition and requires a strong prayer support team. We ask that you join us in prayer!

Thank you for partnering with us and supporting us as we prepare for this adventure. We look forward to sharing with you how the trip impacted our lives when we return. We are very excited to be a part of this team! As we prepare for this trip, we need your prayers for safety, and for God to work in and through us, and we want to humbly ask you to consider supporting us financially.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and your financial support. May God bless you richly!